Our Services


    With a proven track record of success in environments ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500, and loads of industry knowledge, contacts, and credibility, we will focus our experience towards the success of your company while allowing you to keep your costs and hiring under control. Internally or externally facing, from CTO to Business Development to Engineering Management, we can help.


    We have been living, breathing, and leading within the wireless and medical device spaces for decades. We can analyze your product strategy against that of your competition and work with you to formulate a differentiated and competitive roadmap to position your company for increased growth and success.


    A Program Director provides technical guidance and leadership to cross-functional teams. This role may additionally include organizing the program, helping to build the team, and pulling all of the moving parts associated with a complex multi-disciplinary project.


    We are here to help with any or every aspect of project management, from scheduling to resourcing to tracking and problem solving. With literally decades of experience behind us managing all sizes of projects throughout the entire project and product lifecycle, we can help you to achieve your project goals on time and on budget.


    Product management involves the ability to abstract the essence of a product concept while drilling down to the minute details that bring the product to life. We can help with all levels of product management, from the creation of product and technology roadmaps and marketing datasheets to detailed and traceable product requirements.


    The creation of clear and professional documentation is one of our specialties. Every company has internal and external documentation needs. We can help you to quickly produce, update, and/or maintain your quality management system (QMS) documentation, as well as user guides, marketing materials, white papers, press releases, social media, wikis, and even corporate blogs.

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